Plasjet Model Horizontal Screw Type Machines


  • Screw-type injection unit with a reciprocating carriage.
  • High injection pressure with multistage adjustments.
  • Adjustable injection speed.
  • Suck back feature provided.
  • Flow moulding option provided.
  • Hydraulic toggle type clamping unit for PJ-25/PJ-65/PJ-80 and direct hydraulic clamp for PJ-100/PJ- 180 machines
  • Soft mould closing and opening with speed control.
  • Low-pressure mould protection provided.
  • Central lubrication.
  • Very reliable and user-friendly hydraulic and electric controls with the built-in panel.
  • PJ-25/PJ-65/PJ-100/PJ-180 are all fitted with microprocessor controls
  • All other models are also available with microprocessor controls.
  • Model available:
     PJ-25  PJ-65  PJ-80  PJ-100  PJ-180


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