High Speed Mixer


  • Useful for blending PVC resin and additives into dry blended compounds with combined mixing and heating of compound.
  • Double vessel construction with S.S inner vessel and M.S outer jacket. Provision is made for circulating cooling media like water or oil.
  • Material feeding hopper is provided.
  • The tight glass window is provided in the domed lid.
  • The mixing cycle is controlled by a timer and temperature controller arrangement with a temperature sensor. Along with cooling action from the cooling jacket, this results in a fine blend without overheating.
  • The mixing blade is easily removable for cleaning vessels and blades.
  • Heavy duty bearing housing is fitted below the vessel and isolated by seals. Bearing housing has provision for oil cooling.
  • Complete vessel and drive unit are mounted on the sturdy fabricated body for low noise and low vibration during working.
  • Extra ‘after-cooler-vessel’ can be provided at extra cost.
  • Model Available:
    MODEL HSM-25 HSM-50


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