• Fast
  • Energy efficient
  • Sturdy & stable body
  • Low noise
  • Heavy duty air cooled bearings
  • Models Available: MODELAGL-50 | AGL-100


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The waste plastics generated during the production of plastics can be reused by converting them into free-flowing graduals like agglomerates using MALIKSONS “AGL” agglomerators.

MALIKSONS AGL agglomerators work by intense mechanical work on the plastic, caused by high-speed agitation in a rotating blade mill. The waste plastic shredded material is frictionally heated due to this intense agitation. When sufficiently heated, water is introduced which causes almost instant agglomeration of the plastic shreds. These agglomerates form valuable raw materials for further processes. Agglomeration produces very little thermal stress as the heating is frictional just below melting temperature. Reduction in melt viscosity is insignificant. Materials that can be so agglomerated are PE, PVC, PP, ABS, PA, PET, and such thermoplastics. The material can be in the form of film, cuttings, side trim, fiber, filament, foam waste, or coarse ground material