Ram Type Hydraulic Model: Pressman


Ram Type Hydraulic Model: Pressman



Semi Auto Hypress
Full Auto Hypress
Manual Machine





  • Heavy steel fabricated body of l-beam and plates construction.
  • Graded cast-iron platens of liberal thickness.
  • Uniquely designed telescopic main press cylinder. Cylinder is openable at both ends for in-situ-servicing. The use of telescopic cylinder results in fast and accurate operation of the press with mould begning to close at fast speed, low pressure. Slow mould closing at full pressure can be selected to develop desired pressure just before mould is fully closed. This not only provides safety to the mould, but also results in substantial power saving.
  • Top platen approach and return are at dual speed.
  • Variable breathing cycle at intermediate pressure before final curing pressure, is possible to degas the mouldings.
  • Top and bottom ejecting systems are provided.
  • Slow opening feature is provided to prevent mouldings from breaking due to jerks during opening.
  • Electrical and hydraulic controls are in-built with the press and integerated to provide flexibility of working.
  • Safety gate is fitted to reverse the machine, if opened during pressing period.
  • Heating points are provided for both platens and controlled by electronic temperature controllers.
  • Transfer moulding facility can be provided, extra. Standard machine is suitable for compression moulding.

Operating cycle as under :-
Operator closes safety gate by push button actuation -- fast approach of moving platen (top platen) -- automatic changeover to slow speed -- mould close at reduced breathing pressure -- mould breathe (one to many depending on setting) -- press full close at desired high pressure -- motor automatically on -- cure -- motor automatically on -- press slow open for set distance -- press fast return -- press slow stop at upper extremity and safety gate opens automatically -- time delay -- ejector operates (top or bottom depending on setting. Top ejection is by re-operation of the top plate for a set distance and bottom ejector is operating from below for a set stroke) -- time delay -- ejector return (for bottom ejector only) -- motor stops automatically -- to start fresh cycle, actuate push button.




MACHINE CAPACITY DOWNSTROKES 30 tons 60 tons 100 tons 150 tons 250 tons
Maximum daylight 560mm  600mm  600mm  660mm 810mm 
Platen size mm 400x400  500x500   600x600  750x750 800x800 
Maximum stroke mm 280  330   350  380 450 
Approx. Upward speed 35mm/sec  35mm/sec   35mm/sec   35mm/sec   35mm/sec 
Approx. downward speed 110mm/sec  110mm/sec  110mm/sec   110mm/sec   110mm/sec  
Approx. pressing speed 5mm/sec  5mm/sec   3mm/sec 3mm/sec 2mm/sec
Bottom ejector stroke 125mm  150mm   175mm 175mm  200mm 
Top ejection range 50-75mm  50-75mm   50-75mm   50-75mm   50-75mm  
Max. operating pressure 250kg/sq.cm  250kg/sq.cm  320kg/sq.cm 360sq.cm  360sq.cm  
Electric Motor 3HP   5HP 7.5HP  10HP  12.5HP 
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