Vaccum Forming Machine


Vaccum Forming Machine




  • Standard machines are available in above size. However machines can be built in any size to suit article specification.
  • Machines are semi automatic and operated pneumatically. Raise the mould by valve operation. Place the plastic sheet and heat it by built-in heater. Apply vaccum by turning the handle and allow to cool.. Remove the article. Trim out the finished article from the sheet.
  • Very simple operation. One cycle takes approximately half a minute to several minutes depending on the article. Thicker sheet requires more time and thinner one less time. Typically packing trays for biscuits etc. take about half a minute.
  • Useful machine to make decorative items, wash basin, bath tub, disposable packing material, disposable food packing container, disposable dish etc. , children items like face mask, wall hanging model of animal form and such decorative motifs, wall hanging human form for display of garments etc., brief case and luggage-ware shells, packing trays for eggs, biscuits, cake and confectionery.


 Max. article size  7” x 15”  21” x 21”
 Depth of draw  4" 4"
 Vaccum pump provided 025HP 025HP 
 Air compressor required extra 1HP 1HP 
 Heating load 6KW  10KW 
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