High Speed Heating Mixer Model MIX-25 & MIX-50


High Speed Heating Mixer Model MIX-25 & MIX-50




  • Useful for dry mixing of colours or blending masterbatch formulation in various plastic granules or regrind plastic material.
  • Alongwith mixing action, it also results in heating the plastic granules/regrind material, which helps in degassing the material from volatiles and moisture. This gives better results during final processing of the material and also increases production and efficiency.
  • Mixing vessel is made of mild steel and provided with domed lid and hopper for feeding material. Sight glass window is provided in the domed lid.
  • Mixing blade is easily removable for cleaning vessel and blade.
  • Heavy duty bearing housing is fitted below the vessel and isolated by seals.
  • Complete vessel and drive unit are mounted on sturdy fabricated body for low noise and low vibration during working.


No. of mixing vessel 1 1
Mixing batch size 25kg 50kg
Electric Motor 10hp 15hp
Output Rate Kg/Hr 150 300
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