Bench Mounting Machines MODEL: 40HM




Vertical Plunger Type Injection, Horizontal Toggle Locking Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
Bench mounting - hydraulic model AU-HD
Bench mounting - motorised model : Automic



  • Bench mounting, compact, semi-automatic machine, operated by double lever hydraulic valves.
  • Vertical, plunger type injection unit. Direct hydraulic mould clamping unit.
  • Injection and clamping units are vertically adjustable to accomodate various mould heights.
  • Most usefull machine for small scale industries and also for other industries to produce complicated articles using inexpensive moulds.
  • Ideal for producing engineering plastic articles for captive consumption.



Max. moulding capacity*  40 gms
Stroke of injection plunger 150 mm
Injection pressure - adjustable 1200 kg./
Clamping force - adjustable upto 4 tons
Clamping stroke 125 mm
Working base width 175 mm
Distance back to barrel nozzle 80 mm
Distance barrel nozzle to base-adjustable 80 - 175 mm
Max. mould size L x B x H 125 mm x 175 mm x 175 mm
Max. moulding area 5000
Electric motor 2 HP
Electric heater 0.75 K.W.
Height of machine 1300 mm
Width of machine 450 mm
Length of machine 1300 mm
Nett weight of machine 175 kg.
Packed weight 250 kg.
Packing dimensions 1400 x 1400 x 550 mm


Extra accessories :

  1. Oil heat exchanger.
  2. Special barrels for various plastics
  3. Different models are available to operate on 3 phase and single phase electric supplies.
  4. Depends on mould, moulding conditions, material characteristics, etc.
  5. All illustrations and details are for general guidance and not binding on the manufacturers as modifications for improvement are continuously implemented.
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